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PamojaClass is an online platform that connects schools in Kenya with other schools in the world for collaborative classroom projects. We make Collaborative Classroom projects possible beyond states and country borders.

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What We Do

Connect Schools

We help you connect with schools in Kenya for collaborative classroom projects. Students get the opportunity to learn and appreciate diverse culture, maintain curiosity about the world, and show confidence in expressing their own Ideas. 

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Video Conferencing

Teachers have no time to waste fumbling around with cables. That’s where PamojaClass comes in –  we provide reliable video conferencing services to facilitate collaboration in the classroom using tools such as Google Hangouts, Skype, and TokBox.

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We make it Easy as 1,2,3. Our objective is to help you connect, communicate and collaborate to make the most out of every collaborative classroom project.



Call Us Today +254 716 018 511 or simply send an email to with details about your school, classroom size, age, and classroom collaboration project goals.



Get connected to a school with similar goals and objectives. Communicate and schedule a time for the online collaborative classroom project.



 We work with your school’s tech coordinator to connect both schools using reliable video conferencing solutions.

About Us

We facilitate collaborative classroom projects by connecting schools in Kenya with other schools around the world through online video sharing platforms. We strongly believe collaborative learning spaces create opportunities for learners to develop cultural literacy by productively exploring issues of global significance through the sharing of ideas and experiences.

Primary Schools

Collaborative Classroom Projects for Primary Schools in Kenya. Age (7-13) Years. 

Secondary Schools

Collaborative Classroom Projects for Secondary Schools in Kenya. Age (14-18) Years.

Universities & Colleges

Collaborative Classroom Projects for universities and colleges in Kenya. Age (above 18) Years

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What Users Say about PamojaClass

“We are very happy to enjoy these conferences with you. We look forward to next week”

That was an excellent connection today, and because of that a much better lesson for the students. Thank you for your hard work getting it right.

“I feel very grateful to PamojaClass for having helped us collaborate with FieldStone middles school, NY!”

Our students got the opportunity to communicate, express their ideas and individuality with students of different cultures and geographic regions.

“We used PamojaClass to connect with a school in Kenya and it was a wildly successful adventure!!

I’m a Middle school technology Coordinator responsible for assisting teacher in integrating technology in the classroom.   We worked as a team with Pamojaclass,  scheduled meetings, and planned timelines for the collaborative classroom project. 

If you are interested to learn more about what we do or if you would like to connect with a Kenyan school for a collaborative classroom project, contact us and we will do our best to get back to you in a timely manner.

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