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Frequently Asked Questions

What is PamojaClass?

PamojaClass is an online platform that connects schools in Kenya with other schools in the world for collaborative classroom projects. We manage to achieve this objective by linking schools with similar interests as well as facilitating reliable video conferencing using tools such as Google Hangouts, Skype, and Toolbox .

How can PamojaClass benefit my students?

Unlike traditional classrooms, today’s learners are challenged to seek global content for learning. Technology revolutions have offered opportunities for international school’s collaborations bringing both the world to the classroom and the classroom to the world. Collaborative classroom programs awaken student’s curiosity to examine issues of global significance through the sharing of experiences and exchange of ideas. PamojaClass makes it easy and fast for learners and teachers to collaborate. We help schools connect, communicate, and collaborate to get the most out of every collaborative project.

Do you charge for your services?

Now that you are looking forward to an exciting experience, Pamojaclass only charges for video conferencing. Because most schools in Kenya have limited ICT infrastructure, we provide all the necessary tools and equipment to facilitate efficient and reliable video sharing lessons. These include screens/projectors, HD cameras, sound systems, classroom lighting, power-backup, and internet connectivity.
The pricing plan is $250 for each session between (30- 60 minutes), with no additional costs.
We make sure that teachers and learners have an interrupted experience during the video-sharing session.

How do you connect us with schools in Kenya?

We already have an extensive contact database of schools in Kenya that have interests in collaborative classroom programs. All you need to do is to contact us with information about your school and collaborative project interest. Next, our team will provide you valuable guidance on how to connect and communicate with a school of your choice as well as scheduling for the collaborative classroom program.

How do I communicate with the teachers and learners in other schools?

We understand that an effective collaborative learning space requires good communication and planning between all stakeholders. Teachers and students from both schools must work together to create a lesson plan for a classroom that encourages active participation and inquiry.
You will get a chance to communicate directly with a local school’s project coordinator via emails or skype to speed up the process.