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We make it Easy as 1,2,3. Our objective is to help you connect, communicate and collaborate to make the most out of every collaborative classroom project.

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We help schools connect and create collaborative learning spaces.


Call Us Today +254 716 018 511 or simply send an email to with details about your school, classroom size, age, and classroom collaboration project goals.


Get connected to a school with similar goals and objectives. Communicate and schedule a time for the online collaborative classroom project.


We work with your school’s tech coordinator to connect both schools using reliable video conferencing solutions.

PamojaClass help schools connect, communicate, and collaborate to set-up collaborative classroom projects for effective teaching and learning.

Utilizing technology to create learning opportunities.

Our core objective is to facilitate a reliable online platform for schools to connect, communicate, and collaborate for collaborative classroom projects and help learners develop confidence in expressing their ideas, think critically, appreciate diverse cultures, and maintain curiosity about the world.

Our Mission

To provide a reliable Online classroom collaborative platform to help students develop confidence in expressing their own ideas, think critically, appreciate diverse cultures, and maintain curiosity about the world.

Our Vision

Utilize technology to create collaborative learning opportunities to help learners explore and engage with their expanding world.

Primary Schools

Collaborative Classroom Projects for Primary Schools in Kenya. Age (7-13) Years. 

Secondary Schools

Collaborative Classroom Projects for Secondary Schools in Kenya. Age (14-18) Years.

Universities & Colleges

Collaborative Classroom Projects for universities and colleges in Kenya. Age (above 18) Years

Connect with Educators and Learners

PamojaClass enables students and teachers worldwide to connect and create collaborative classroom spaces.

Meet Our Team

We’re passionate about creating collaborative learning spaces that enable students to explore the world in a meaningful way.

Matthew J. Kolb

Head Global Engagement

Matt is currently a teacher at The Red Fox Community School in Dorset, Vermont. He spent 9 years as a middle school mathematics teacher at The Ethical Culture Fieldston School in New York. He has been an adjunct professor at Pace University in Manhattan. 

He is also working with the DeBridge School in Nairobi, Kenya, to raise funds, advise on curriculum, and develop a strategic plan. He earned New York teaching certifications in Social Studies and Business. He holds a B.A. Degree in Philosophy from Moravian College, an M.B.A. from Lehigh University, and an M.S. Ed. Degree from Long Island University.

Matt’s first visit to Kenya was in 2015. He describes Kenya as a country rich in wildlife, culture, history, beautiful and friendly, welcoming people.

Aquiline Karobia


Aquiline Karobia, Project Admin, is responsible for connecting schools and facilitating school partnerships at pamojaClass. Aquiline is loyal and loving but very clumsy and opinionated about everything. Raised in the village by parents who are both teachers, it was likely that he would end up in a teaching professional. However, for unknown reasons, he graduated with a bachelor degree in business information technology from Jomo Kenyatta University. 

He’s passionate about teaching students on the good uses of technology in helping them appreciate diverse cultures, promote engagement with others, and building strong, diverse communities. 

Margaret Waithira


Margaret Waithira, Tech Support Specialist, assists in providing technical assistance in Audio Visual/Video conferences. She is interested in creating collaborative learning spaces as a way to encourage students to think critically about global issues, appreciate diverse cultures, and learn to express their passion, ideas, and individuality. As a math and computer science graduate, she’s also passionate about blended learning initiatives to integrate information communication technology into classrooms.