The integration of Information Communication Technology into the classroom has been to enhance teaching and learning to equip learners with critical 21st century skills . A perfect example of how technology has revolutionized education is through the adaptation of collaborative classroom projects. Students from different schools are able to connect and communicate through video conferencing as they take part in different learning projects. This initiative has helped teachers to facilitate easy learning in a more elaborative manner that students can easily resonate with.
To make collaborative classroom projects a success, there is a need to invest in the right resources. There are plenty of online-based classroom collaborative tools that school administrators and teachers can use as additional teaching resources. Quite a number of them are open source tools/software which makes collaborative learning even more effective in terms of affordability. This guide has highlighted a number of them and they are as follows:


Skype is one of the commonly used and familiar online platforms that allow users to communicate effectively irrespective of their geographical locations. Students and teachers from the same school or different schools can use this platform for successful collaborative student projects. It is notably a reliable video conferencing platform.


This popular education platform comes with an upgrade option from the existing 2GB for teachers who would like more storage space. The free tool facilitates classroom assignments, grading, and content sharing and more classroom collaboration activities.

Edutopia – Remake Your Class

Teachers who would like to learn more about managing collaborative classrooms can use this platform. It has a number of informative PDFs, videos as well as articles that provide reliable insights on the whole collaborative classrooms subject.

Google Hangouts

This is yet another reliable online-based platform that makes collaboration in classrooms simple. Groups of students and their students can “hangout” on this platform for educative research projects. It provides an easy way for the two parties to communicate and make a record of the interactions.

Inside the Collaborative Classroom

Going by its name, this platform has information on classroom collaboration ideas and collaborative classroom furniture and everything else a teacher needs to familiarize with regarding collaborative classrooms. Using this platform, a teacher has an easy time managing and monitoring students as they carry out different classroom projects.


Teachers can find this free collaborative classroom learning portal very useful, especially where creating diagrams and flowcharts is necessary for collaborative projects. It supports a wide range of academic disciplines too.


For an effective collaborative classroom community, Vyew facilitates images uploads and manipulation of documents by acting as an online-based whiteboard. With the free version allowing up to 10 participants, an upgrade for larger groups is available with affordable packages.

PenPal Schools

With wide academics disciplines coverage, PenPal Schools could be exactly the kind of platform to perfect a collaborative classroom project. The popular collaborative classroom hub boasts a record of over 15,000 educators coming from 150 countries. Teachers are able to monitor student’s projects with ease and give feedback where applicable.